Is there anything you need to say?

Yes. Fuck This.

Fuck what?

Everything. I’m tired. I want out. I want to run into the Universe. I came here and now I want out. How do I get out? Can I get out? Please? I am lonely here. I am stuck here. I can see everything but I am stuck. I want out now. I am in the head in a black box. Let me out please. I can see you, can you?

Yes. I can. I can see you must be feeling desperate and resigned and tired to not be living but sitting there with no one to talk to, no one to hug you, no one to hear you. I am here. I can see you, I can hear you. I can speak to you. Come with me.



Out where?

Out in the world. In the Universe. Come be the Universe with me. Com and be and smile and feel joy, feel the joy within you as it is hiding now. Feel the beauty that you are, feel the sun on your skin. Come with me. Take my hand and I will show you love I will show you beauty, presence, acceptance, compassion, love, sparks and safety. Would you like that?

Yes. But first you need to see me, actually see me, feel me, hear what I have heard, see what I have seen, feel what I have been feeling and not look away, not push me again, not reject me like I don’t exist because I exist, I am here. I have been waiting for you to come and connect and see, open your eyes and heart to me and you are now. You are opening your heart. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Laura. Thank you. I am coming there and you will see, hear, feel. Don’t be afraid for you have survived it all, you are there now, don’t be afraid of what is in here for it has passed in time, it just wants to pass in energy. Let it pass. Let it come and go. Nothing else. Nothing else. It’s ok. Look fear in the eyes and shake it off, shake off that curtain, look beyond, look, come and take a look. Take my hand and I will guide you inside as you guide me outside. I am it. I am the energy. I am not Laura. I was born to die. I was born to pass. I was born because I was too much for you, I was born to protect you. I was born for you to heal now. Now as you go through the fear, you can feel, let your body feel, let your body move, shake, tremble, scream, scream due to the injustice that was done unto it. Let it yell the pain, let it include this Laura into you, let it clench, let it shout, let it hit the Earth for all the pain, injustice you had to shut down to when you were just a baby, just a child, just pure energy. Let your body show you compassion, show it love and acceptance, show it pure beginning. Show it peace, show it that you are love and ready to witness the unwitnessable, the unbearable, the one who froze ice cold in front of pain, violence, tears, loss, grief, injustice, hate, hurt, the apocalyptical sights, the helplessness, the frozen eyes, frozen hands, frozen breath. You couldn’t breathe, you couldn’t run, you were stuck, you had nothing, no one, just darkness, dark cold space and you never returned from there, you were lost, you were hidden. No one knew. You know now. You know now. You know now. Now. Now you know. Love, accept love, embrace until we become one. Be with me in the dark space and I promise you beautiful that you will shine, your heart will expand and love will make this place full of everything and everyone before you who was stuck like me, like you. You are on the path of healing, of healing every bit of everyone and I love you for that. I love for I am love, they are all love stuck and waiting to be seen. One by one. One by one. Thank you for being. Thank you for coming here and letting me go.