15 Sept 2013. Huge R.M. Protest, Bucharest
On the 15th of September 2013, at 5 pm people gathered in University Square in Bucharest to protest once again against the Rosia Montana mining project. This action took place in many cities not only from Romania but from all over Europe. This protest was the biggest yet. By the end, there were more than 25.000 people protesting. In 2 hours before the march began at 7pm, they chanted “United, we save Rosia Montana”, “Not the corporation makes the legislation” and “Get out of the house if you care”. This time, new things were written on the banners: “You don’t need gold to shine”, “On Romanian land, I don’t want to be poisoned”, “For 800 jobs, Romania loses 400 tones of gold”. Moreover, the march had a different path. From the University Square, they went towards the Unirii Square and from then on Unirii Boulevard and continued on Nerva Traian Boulevard and then back to the University Square.

“Parliament should move as quickly as possible to reject the project given widespread popular and political opposition”, Mr. Ponta said yesteday 9th of September, according to reports. Following the recent statements of Mr Victor Ponta, Prime-minister of the Romanian Government, the Save Rosia Montana Campaign announces that street protests will continue until:

– the Parliament’s Chambers – the Senate and the Deputy Chamber – will reject through vote the law proposal;

– the Government will immediately reject through governmental decision the environmental permit for the Rosia Montana gold mine;

– Rosia Montana will be included on Romania’s Tentative List for UNESCO

– Cyanide use in mining will be strictly forbidden.

– The immediate resignation of the law proposal’s initiators: minister for big investments (Dan Şova), minister for the environment (Rovana Plumb), minister for culture (Daniel Barbu) and the director of Romania’s Agency for Mineral Resources (Gheorghe Duţu).

Approved for CNN: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1036418