The Photographer and the Photographs

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I am the space of possibility for you to see through new eyes. That is who I am. That is how I order the world around me – with my camera.

Let yourself be seen.

Who I am can be experienced through my work. As a photographer, I am the space of possibility for you to see yourself or the world through new eyes. I have a keen interest in beings and personalities. I am watching the world unfold through my camera, shooting and capturing people’s experiences. What is there is photographed by not interfering so that your experiences come to life through my photographs and the moment caught can be recognised as authentic.

I am available for events (concerts, festivals, birthdays, weddings, etc.) or portraits of any kind from family, baby, couples, business to animal portraits and I invite you to a more authentic, natural and open-minded approach. I’m up for discussing any ideas or events you want captured in a photo-journalistic manner. Prices start from £180 and depend on length and type of event.

Also, if you are interested in buying a photograph from my website, I am currently based in Potters Bar/London, UK and for more information you can contact me via my e-mail address (, contact form or 07596175072.

As a photojournalist I offer new perspectives and through my photo-stories, people see and become present to the realities that surround them. I believe that visual works transform human beings.