People say

We commissioned Laura to do a photography project for our Law Firm’s website profile. She was instructed to capture the working environment of our office, surrounding areas of interest around the office and do portrait pictures for all staff. 

Laura was very creative in her approach and suggested that we do the staff portraits outdoors in a nearby park to make use of natural light. We were positively surprised by the outcome; she was able to bring out the best in all of our staff. 

She was very professional and punctual at all times. She responds to her emails and messages promptly. 

The quality of her pictures are very good. 

Overall we are very pleased with her work and we would not hesitate to recommend her. 

Pramod Sanatun
Solicitor & Director

If you enjoy lovely, interesting, truthful moments captured in the best possible way, then you have to take a ride through these great photographs! You will be able to tell at the end how much passion she has for capturing the reality, the environment, the emotion and how little alteration is being done. A photographer who’s out to get the best shots, a keen eye for beautiful details that surround us,yet they’re usually ignored /unseen by us, a creative spirit and determined to deliver to the highest standards.


I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of working with Laura on numerous projects and events for over 4 years within the BEST organisation and also beyond. The most obvious thing about Laura is that she is a passionate photographer with a keen eye and fantastic ability for capturing human emotion – fearless and relentless when it comes to getting the perfect shot to tell the perfect story.


Laura is very passionate about photography. She will lay flat on the ground or climb a high tree to get that perfect angle. She would wait hours for that perfect moment. Then she does the bare minimum of post processing, as if afraid to alter reality. She is one of the very few who know that memories are deeply seeded in photographs – try to remember how your grandparents looked when you were a child and you will only remember pictures of them. Maybe that is why she always prefers taking shots of people above all things, and most often succeeding in capturing their spirit.


We had an absolute pleasure in having Laura for the day to capture some memories for us… we all felt relaxed during the photos and we just enjoyed the experience.

After seeing the photos, we couldn’t believe what Laura actually captured… from my sons’ Cheekiness to our family dynamics… honestly amazed…. thank you Laura


Laura is one of those people that inspires trust from the first glance. You don’t know why, but you feel safe to open up. Open up to her lense, be it her eyes or her camera. She is the most unbiased person I have met. And this shows in her art. She captures humanity in all its glory and decay. Happiness and sorrow, kindness and selfishness, abundence and scarcity, love and hate. It’s both fun and sad, and, most importantly, it’s authentic. No beautification, no judgement. Just us.


OMG! I’m just starting to see your photos. WOW WOW WOW. Thank you Laura for being one of those incredible invisible photographers. What a treat for you to share your work at this lovely event. Much love and thanks.


Laura Muresan is a photographer with a rich imagination, full of creativity, being able to capture the emotions, vibrations and the state of mind of the person in front of the camera. She is open-minded, full of life, capable to make you feel good and relaxed.
I recommend her to everyone who wishes to have a great and unique experience and great memories.


I worked alongside Laura while in BEST and what characterizes her are the following: always motivated by projects that involve events or photography, fairly organised ( a perfectionist at times), adaptable to many situations, she works great in a team but also can lead one, loves photography and always catches the right moments.


I’ve had the privilege of witnessing her artistic evolution as a photographer for more than a decade.
Throughout that period I’ve seen her unbridled passion, hard work and dedication yield some of the most amazing, meaningful and thought-provoking sights I have ever come across.
She has always had a unique talent for seeing beauty, and as time passes she has become increasingly proficient at giving us glimpses of it through her work.
I’m looking forward to seeing what the world will look like through her eyes in the decades to come.


Every event at witch Laura was the photographer was very well remembered. She knows how to capture the best moments and how take pictures that brig out powerful emotions in the people who see them.


I worked with Laura in BEST, but also afterwards on many other projects. She is very smart and fast-thinking person, working well in teams and really pro-active in solving problems. She is expert in photography, photo-journalism, and image-editing and I asked her many times to be photographer in the events I was organizing.